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Phil Holland's Shogi Pages:
Royston Shogi Club Postal Shogi League Shogi Software
Shogi (9x9) - How to Play Tori-Shogi (7x7) - How to Play Mini-Shogi (5x5) - How to Play
  Sho-Chan Shogi (6x5) - How to Play  

UK Shogi News:
*** The 2003 British Open Shogi Championships was held on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th May 2003 in Cambridge.
*** The British Shogi Federation web page has details of Shogi clubs and events around the UK.

Other Shogi-related Pages in English:
British Shogi Federation   CSA Computer Shogi Tournament report
Reiki Shogi Links   Ricoh's Shogi Page
Steve Cain's Shogi Pages Eric Cheymol's Home Page Hans Bodlaender's Shogi Page
Angelo Mussita's Shogi Page Reijer Grimbergen's Shogi Page Shogi Dojo

Shogi Variants Pages in English:
4x5 board Micro-Shogi interactive game 3x3 board Nana-Shogi interactive game
Hans Bodlaender's Mini-Shogi Page Hans Bodlaender's Whale Shogi Page
Hans Bodlaender's Micro-Shogi Page Hans Bodlaender's Heian Shogi Page

Shogi Variants Pages in other Languages:
Japanese Mini-Shogi Association
(in Japanese)

Other Interesting Pages in English:
Abstract Games Magazine Mind Sports Olympiad

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