The Postal Shogi and Tori-Shogi Leagues

To join the Postal Shogi and Tori-Shogi Leagues (PSL) all you have to do is to send to Phil Holland, at the address below:

  1. your name,
  2. your address for correspondence,
  3. your current Shogi and/or Tori-Shogi grades (if known),
  4. the maximum number of opponents you wish to play against in each league,
  5. a list of currently active postal games you would like to register as league games. Any postal Shogi or Tori-Shogi game, whether an official tournament game or a friendly game is eligible for recording in the leagues,
  6. an administrative fee for at least 1 year's membership (see below for details).

For an administrative fee of 0.50 (sterling), for PSL members living in Britain, or 1, for PSL members living outside Britain, annually (multiple fees are accepted and you will be credited with the appropriate number of membership years), the leagues will record your current postal playing strength, put you in touch with other postal players and recommend suitable handicaps for new postal games. You will also be sent a report on the current postal playing strengths of all the current league members in December each year you are a member.

Membership of one league will automatically allow you to join the other league at no extra charge. All you have to do is inform Phil Holland that you have started a postal game for the second league, membership is then assumed. Any league member who is not playing the maximum number of opponents requested will be put in touch with another member in the same position who is not already an opponent, when suitable members are available. A list of languages you can correspond in would be helpful here, to avoid the selection of overseas opponents without a common language. Once the address of a new opponent has been sent to you, it is up to you and your opponent to decide how many games you wish to play. You are not obliged to play any more postal games than you are currently playing, provided you state that you do not want more opponents.

Once registered, you should inform Phil Holland of all new league games and their results and, where possible, start new games using the recommended handicaps. Your current postal playing strength will be adjusted according to the handicap and the result of each game you complete.

Phil Holland
February 15th, 2001

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