Royston Shogi Congress - 2000 Results

The Royston Shogi Congress was held on Saturday 30th September at The Boathouse, Chesterton Road, Cambridge, UK. The Congress was a little smaller than in 1999, with only 6 players altogether, of which 4 were from Royston and Cambridge, competing in the 2 tournaments: Shogi and Mini-Shogi. The other 2 entrants were Ian Spence from Oxfordshire, who first played in the Royston event in 1987, and Gal-on Broner from Israel, who was playing in the Royston event for the first time. Unfortunately the British Tori-Shogi Championships again had to be cancelled as there was only 1 entrant, Phil Holland!

Even though it was small, the Congress proved to be a very friendly event with wonderful weather! In spite of the widely spread Shogi grades, the games were almost all closely fought in keeping with the traditions of the Doug McGown Memorial Shogi Tournament. Dave Morris finally taking his 2nd Shogi title in his 2nd visit to the Congress. The Mini-Shogi Competition was also closely contested, with Matthew Reid beating Dave Morris by a single point by winning the 2nd game between the two of them. Both Dave Morris and Matthew Reid were invited back to the 2001 Royston Shogi Congress to defend their titles.

I hope I will see you all in Cambridge in September 2001!!

The prizes awarded were as follows:

Doug McGown Memorial Shogi Tournament
Shogi Champion - Dave Morris - 3 wins - promoted to 4-kyu
Shogi Runner-up - Gal-on Broner - 2 wins - promoted to 10-kyu

Mini-Shogi Competition (2pts for a win, 1pt for a defeat)
1. Matthew Reid - 14pts (6 wins)
2. Dave Morris - 13pts (5 wins)

2000 Doug McGown Memorial Shogi Tournament

Round 1:
Dave Morris vs Phil Holland 1-0
Matthew Reid vs Ian Spence 0-1
Gal-on Broner vs Matthew Woodcraft (Rook) 1-0
Round 2:
Dave Morris vs Ian Spence (Bishop) 1-0
Gal-on Broner vs Matthew Reid (2 pieces) 1-0
Matthew Woodcraft vs Phil Holland (Bishop) 1-0
Round 3:
Matthew Woodcraft vs Matthew Reid (Bishop) 0-1
Gal-on Broner vs Dave Morris (2 pieces) 0-1
Phil Holland vs Ian Spence 0-1

Final Table

Pos. Player's name (Club) Grade Pl. W. SOS SOMS LASOMS
1. Dave Morris (Cambridge) 5-kyu 3 3 3 -13 5
2. Gal-on Broner (Israel) 11-kyu 3 2 6 -10 10
3. Matthew Reid (Cambridge) 4-kyu 3 2 4 -15 4
4. Ian Spence (Oxford) 1-kyu 3 1 5 -8 -3
5. Matthew Woodcraft (Cambridge) 7-kyu 3 1 4 -15 5
6. Phil Holland (Royston) 4-kyu 3 0 5 -8 6

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