Royston Shogi Congress - 1991 Results

An entry of just 6 players competed in what is believed to be the first national Tori-Shogi championships held anywhere in the world! The 1st British Open Tori-Shogi Championships were staged at the Coombes Community Centre in Royston, Herts, on September 7th 1991 as a 5-round Swiss-McMahon tournament. Another first happened in the 4th round of the tournament, when David Murphy gave a Falcon handicap to Phil Holland (and won!), which made it the first recorded handicapped tournament Tori-Shogi game. David Murphy, from Orpington, went on to record 4 wins and an unfinished game and won the official title of British Open Tori-Shogi Champion, to add to his British and European Shogi titles, with Anthony Denver-Fedder, from Ashford, in 2nd place with 4 wins.

At the same time as the Tori-Shogi Championships were being played, a parallel 3-round Shogi competition was run, attracting 10 players, from 11-kyu to 3-dan. Yet another first occurred in this competition when a tournament Shogi game between Les Blackstock and Kevin Wicker was played outside on a BMX track! The new Royston Champion was Stephen Lamb, 3-dan from Faversham, who won all 3 games, with Paul Judkins, 11-kyu of Royston, in 2nd place, also with 3 wins. Paul Judkins was provisionally promoted from 11-kyu to 8-kyu.

My thanks go to Hitachi Data Systems for supplying the prizes, to the Royston Chess Club for the loan of their chess clocks, and to everyone who brought Shogi and Tori sets and chess clocks to Royston. I would also like to thank the members of the Royston Shogi Club for all the help they gave me on the day, particularly entertaining the newcomers to Shogi visiting from Stafford and Whitstable. Let's hope they come again next year to compete! The next Royston Shogi Congress will be on Saturday September 5th 1992. Both champions have been invited back to Royston in 1992 to defend their titles then.

Phil Holland, Vice-President of the British Shogi Federation.

The prizes awarded were as follows:

1991 British Tori-Shogi Championships
1st - David Murphy - 4.5 wins - promoted to 11-kyu
2nd - Anthony Denver-Fedder - 4 wins - promoted to 13-kyu
also promoted - Richard West, to 13-kyu, and Mark Laxton, to 14-kyu
1991 Royston Shogi Tournament
1st - Stephen Lamb - 3 wins
2nd - Paul Judkins - 3 wins - provisionally promoted to 8-kyu

1991 British Tori-Shogi Championships

Round 1:
Francis Roads vs David Murphy 0-1
Anthony Denver-Fedder vs Richard West 1-0
Mark Laxton vs Phil Holland 1-0
Round 2:
Anthony Denver-Fedder vs David Murphy 0-1
Phil Holland vs Francis Roads 0-1
Mark Laxton vs Richard West 0-1
Round 3:
Richard West vs David Murphy 0-1
Mark Laxton vs Francis Roads 1-0
Phil Holland vs Anthony Denver-Fedder 0-1
Round 4:
Phil Holland vs David Murphy (Falcon) 0-1
Richard West vs Francis Roads 1-0
Mark Laxton vs Anthony Denver-Fedder 0-1
Round 5:
Mark Laxton vs David Murphy (Quail) 0.5-0.5
Phil Holland vs Richard West (Quail) 0-1
Francis Roads vs Anthony Denver-Fedder 0-1

Final Table

Pos. Player's name (Club) Grade Pl. W.
1. David Murphy (Orpington) 13-kyu 5 4.5
2. Anthony Denver-Fedder (Ashford) 15-kyu 5 4
3. Richard West (Royston) 14-kyu 5 3
4. Mark Laxton (Faversham) 15-kyu 5 2.5
5. Francis Roads (London) 13-kyu 5 1
6. Phil Holland (Royston) 15-kyu 5 0

1991 Royston Shogi Tournament

Round 1:
Stephen Lamb vs Les Blackstock 1-0
Graham Denver-Fedder vs Kevin Wicker 0-1
Vince West vs Mike Coyne 1-0
Arron Springate vs Mike Brewer 1-0
Paul Judkins vs Doug McGown (Rook) 1-0
Round 2:
Vince West vs Stephen Lamb 0-1
Kevin Wicker vs Les Blackstock 1-0
Arron Springate vs Graham Denver-Fedder 1-0
Doug McGown vs Mike Coyne (Rook+Lance) 0-1
Paul Judkins vs Mike Brewer (4 pieces) 1-0
Round 3:
Kevin Wicker vs Stephen Lamb 0-1
Mike Coyne vs Les Blackstock 0-1
Vince West vs Graham Denver-Fedder 0-1
Paul Judkins vs Arron Springate (4 pieces) 1-0
Doug McGown vs Mike Brewer (Rook+Lance) 1-0

Final Table

Pos. Player's name (Club) Grade Pl. W.
1. Stephen Lamb (Faversham) 3-dan 3 3
2. Paul Judkins (Royston) 11-kyu 3 3
3. Kevin Wicker (London) 2-dan 3 2
4. Graham Denver-Fedder (Ashford) 1-dan 3 2
5. Vince West (Reading) 1-kyu 3 1
6. Doug McGown (Shepperton) 7-kyu 3 1
7. Arron Springate (Gillingham) 2-kyu 3 1
8. Mike Coyne (Gillingham) 1-kyu 3 1
9. Les Blackstock (London) 3-dan 3 1
10. Mike Brewer (London) 2-kyu 3 0

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