British Shogi Federation

British Shogi Federation (BSF)

Aims of the BSF

The British Shogi Federation (BSF) is the National Representative Organisation of the Federation of European Shogi Associations (FESA) for Shogi players in Britain. The BSF aims to increase public awareness of Shogi and to provide a source of information for its members. It organises the annual British Open Shogi Championships each year, and supports and encourages other British Shogi Tournaments.

BSF Executive
(as at 1st January 2011)
Address Email Phone
Dave Faldon
2 Elmwood Park,
The Paddocks,
Kent SW13 0LR,
UK +44-1843-868435
FESA Representative:
Phil Holland
94 Green Drift,
Herts SG8 5BT,
UK +44-7714-279085

Date Forthcoming Shogi Event

Next meeting on
last Saturday in the month

from 1000hr to 1400hr

The reformed London Shogi Club normally meets in Cafe Nero, Bedford Street (close to Charing Cross mainline station) between 10 am and 2 pm on the last Saturday each month.

Everybody very welcome, regardless of strength or experience!

It is a good idea to check with David Faldon if travelling a long way as changes to the meeting date have been made in the past to accommodate a visiting Japanese Shogi Professional.

Equipment & Books Address Email Fax
Angela Hodges 14 Farnham Way,
Bedford MK41 8RD,
England +44-1234-211286

Other Contacts Address Email
Kiyoshi Onogi
Sendegaya 2-39-9,

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